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Sivin, Miller & Roche LLP is a New York Law Firm dedicated to achieving justice for victims of police and prison abuse and to defending the rights and liberties of individuals facing criminal prosecution.

We aggressively fight to hold police and corrections officers accountable when they violate New Yorkers’ civil rights. Our firm is highly recognized for bringing money damages lawsuits for excessive force, false arrest, police shootings, malicious prosecution and wrongful convictions. We have decades of experience and are regarded as one of New York’s premier civil rights law firms.

Our firm fiercely defends our clients when they find themselves accused of crimes and we routinely achieve remarkable results. We have successfully represented clients charged with a wide range for criminal charges, including homicide, assault, narcotics and gun crimes, sexual crimes, DWI, fraud and other white-collar crimes.

We are passionate advocates for all our clients and we work tirelessly to pursue the best possible result in every case.

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Without question, police officers, state patrolmen, corrections officers and other public service employees have challenging jobs. However, this does not give them the right to overstep the legal boundaries by bringing false charges against someone or using unnecessary or excessive force.

Don’t trust your civil rights claims to a lawyer who does it part time. We have in-depth knowledge of law enforcement procedures, including all aspects of current police guidelines and mandatory reports that must be filed. We know how to access these reports to strengthen your case. You can rely on us to uncover the whole truth about your arrest.

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Most cases are accepted on a contingency basis. We only collect a fee if we successfully recover a settlement for you.

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City Pays in Cop Shoot
New York Daily News, September 29, 2019
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New York: $655,000 Award after State Found 100% Responsible for Prisoner Assault
Prison Legal News, Aug 6, 2019
A New York Court of Claims held the state was 100% responsible for a prisoner-on-prisoner assault that resulted in severe injuries, and awarded $655,000 in damages.
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As bosses did little, Syracuse cop coerced women for sex, they say; ‘I was terrified’, Jun 10, 2019
Syracuse, N.Y. — When police officer Chester Thompson was arrested for having sex with women on the job, his bosses in the Syracuse Police Department couldn’t have been surprised.
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