New York Police Brutality Lawyers

From the offices of Sivin & Miller, LLP, attorneys Edward Sivin and Glenn D. Miller have advocated on behalf of victims of police brutality and civil rights violations for a combined total of almost 70 years.

We are passionate about holding individuals accountable, as well as the city of New York, and state and federal agencies when the rights of people are violated by police or other public safety employees. We are noted for our work in cases involving police excessive force, false charges and arrests, police shooting injuries, prosecutorial misconduct and wrongful arrests and convictions. We also have recovered financial settlements and awards for individuals who have been injured while incarcerated due to neglect or willful acts of violence.

The Bronx False Arrest Attorneys Who Don't Back Down

Without question, police officers, state patrolmen, corrections officers and other public service employees have challenging jobs. However, this does not give them the right to overstep the legal boundaries by bringing false charges against someone or using unnecessary or excessive force.

This is a complicated area of the law. Bringing these cases to trial and winning is a daunting task. Only firms like ours, which focus almost entirely...

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