Holding Nightclubs And Restaurants Accountable For Assaults

New York is synonymous with entertainment and a vibrant nightclub scene. Unfortunately, when a large number of people gather in a bustling environment and many of them are consuming alcohol, violence can erupt.

Injuries often occur during fights and other disturbances at New York restaurants and nightclubs. While the business is not strictly liable for injuries that occur on its premises, it can be liable if employees had reason to know patrons would be at risk and failed to act appropriately. In other instances, it may be possible to prove the club management inadequately trained its security personnel or did not have a sufficient number of them working.

The right personal injury attorney can maximize your recovery. At the law firm of Sivin & Miller, LLP, in New York, we have successfully represented individuals in personal injury cases against New York restaurants and nightclubs. These cases include patrons who are injured when a fight breaks out — whether they are involved in the fight or not — or customers who are injured as a result of excessive force used by a security worker or other employee.

Talk to a lawyer before settling. If you have been the victim of nightclub violence and the owner of the club or its insurance company wants to settle with you directly, be wary. Club owners and insurance companies won't typically pay sufficient damages voluntarily. They need to be encouraged to do so through litigation.

Attorneys Experienced In Taking On Negligent Establishments

Nightclubs with a history of employee assault and violent activities are more susceptible to liability for future incidents. We investigate the history of the nightclub for details that are relevant to holding a club or bar liable for an injury to you. Important questions include:

  • How many times have police been called to the club?
  • Have weapons been found on patrons with any frequency?
  • How many previous fights or assaults have taken place and what measures were taken in response?
  • If a weapon was used, was it one that should have been kept out at the door?
  • How did security react and what training did they have?

If you have been injured in a bar or club assault and have suffered severe injuries, it is important to find a lawyer who understands insurance, the litigation process and how to hold the business owner liable.

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