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September 2017 Archives

What to do if you get arrested during a protest

There have been a lot of protests in New York City recently. Maybe you have already participated in some or are thinking about joining the next one. Whether you protest against police brutality, a decision by the President on immigration or something else, you should know your rights and what to do if things get ugly.

Former corrections officer sentenced to 30 years in prison

In the violent and difficult world of prisons, corrections officers are sometimes far worse criminals than the people they are charged with keeping in line. This fact became apparent with the conviction of an ex-prison guard from Rikers Island Jail in New York. The guard was sentenced to 30 years in prison for his involvement in the death of an inmate.

What is the history of the Civil Rights Bill of 1866?

The first civil rights bill -- the Civil Rights Bill of 1866 -- became law on April 9, 1966, when the House of Representatives overrode the veto of President Andrew Johnson. According to the language of the bill, "all persons born in the United States" were "declared to be citizens of the United States." It's important to note, however, that the bill did not provide citizenship to indigenous Americans.

Advice for New York residents facing a false accusation

False criminal accusations are much more common than most New York residents think. When a false criminal accusation happens, it means that the accused person is charged with a crime that he or she hasn't committed. Even worse, the accused person could go to jail and lose his or her rights and freedoms in the event that the false accusation leads to a conviction.

What constitutes a false arrest?

When a police officer arrests someone, there is an assumption there is probable cause to do so. However, numerous people are falsely arrested and imprisoned every year. According to an article from the New York Post, anywhere between two and five perfect of prisoners should not be in prison. 

Police violence against women of color

Two words that no person of color wants to think about are "police brutality." However, the reality of misconduct, racial profiling and the overuse of force by law enforcement officers is something that every minority has to remember. According to a recent book, "Invisible No More: Police Violence Against Black Women and Women of Color," female minorities are particularly at risk of being the victims of police violence, but their stories are often hidden from public view.

When traffic stops involve racial profiling

Racial profiling is a problem that is seemingly an epidemic in law enforcement agencies in New York and across the nation. In traffic stops, whether a driver may be breaking the law often seems to matter less to officers than the color of the driver's skin. 

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