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June 2018 Archives

How long can police officers keep you at a traffic stop?

Police officers have pulled you over and explained that they did so because you had a taillight out, were speeding or driving erratically. You disagree, suspecting from past experience that you were pulled over for discriminatory reasons and could even be falsely arrested or brutalized.

How do I know I've been falsely imprisoned?

False imprisonment is a topic that includes more than just the police. A civilian can falsely imprison another civilian. False imprisonment occurs when one person is held against his or her will by someone else who does not have the legal authority to keep that person from moving freely. False imprisonment means that the person is being held against his or her will in New York, New York.

Understanding fabricated evidence

There are laws on the books to penalize police officers who submit false evidence to the court. This includes a New York law passed in 2013 that makes it a crime for officers of the law to make false claims in court, which occur when the officer is aware of the truth and willingly submits a different story. 

What is malicious prosecution?

Sometimes an individual hasn't done anything wrong to warrant an arrest or criminal charges. Nevertheless, the police officer -- perhaps because he or she has a personal vendetta against the defendant -- decided to arrest the person without sufficient cause. These cases are referred to as "malicious prosecution."

What does it mean for an arrest to be legal?

There are so many different ways people look at getting arrested. Some view it as a stigma. Others are so used to it they don't bat an eye when they hear of someone they know getting arrested. For some people, getting arrested can be illegal. So, we ask the question, what does it mean for an arrest to be legal? We will answer that question in today's post.

27-year-old inmate dies after medical personnel ignore her

An Alabama inmate is dead after suffering from untreated complications relating to her inflammatory bowel and Crohn's disease. According to the woman's family, medical personnel employed by NaphCare, a company that provided medical care to inmates at the Montgomery County Jail, failed to provide the woman the medical treatment that could have saved her life.

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