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July 2018 Archives

Looking at the 4 types of evidence

Evidence plays an important role in criminal cases all across New York. When there is enough legitimate evidence present in a case, it can help convict a suspect of a crime. When there isn't enough evidence, the jury might return a not guilty verdict. There are four types of evidence recognized by the courts and we will take a look at them today.

Asbestos: lurking danger for construction workers

If you work construction in New York, you could be inhaling asbestos fibers every day without realizing it. Asbestos is a mineral used in a wide array of industrial and consumer products. The fact that it has outstanding insulating abilities, as well as resistance to fire and flame, makes it a favorite component of construction products and brake pads.

Officer will not face charges for excessive force

In another case of a police officer using excessive force against an unarmed black man, video evidence shows an officer using a taser against a man sitting on the ground. The video, which is available on Facebook, has amassed millions of views. In an upsetting turn of events, the New York Times recently reported that the officer in question will not face any disciplinary action. 

How to determine if your civil rights were violated

Civil rights are rights that every person has in New York and the rest of the country. These rights protect you from various forms of discrimination, including race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, false arrest and more. When your civil rights are violated, you need to mount a case as soon as possible to protect yourself. Here's how you can determine if your civil rights have been violated.

Allegations of sexual abuse of prison inmates on the rise

If you, like many others, have ever had to spend time in a New York prison, you may have firsthand knowledge of the sexual abuse problem that is becoming increasingly prevalent in correctional facilities. According to ThinkProgress, somewhere between four and 10 percent of American prison inmates suffer sexual abuse while serving time, with female prisoners more likely to become victims of such abuse than males.

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