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How to determine if your civil rights were violated

Civil rights are rights that every person has in New York and the rest of the country. These rights protect you from various forms of discrimination, including race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, false arrest and more. When your civil rights are violated, you need to mount a case as soon as possible to protect yourself. Here's how you can determine if your civil rights have been violated.

One of the most common signs that your rights were violated is when you are denied employment or a place of residence because of your race. Employers and owners of residences are not allowed to discriminate based on race. So, if you filled out an application for an apartment and were denied after the owner realized you were African American, your civil rights have definitely been violated.

Another common violation of civil rights involves gender. Employers, public places, and other entities are not allowed to discriminate based on gender. If you walk into a restaurant and are refused service because you are a female, your rights have been violated.

Another sign that your civil rights have been violated occurs when you are denied a job or service based on your religion. For example, if you are Jewish and wear a yarmulke, you cannot be denied a place to live or eat or work because of your religion. If you are, your rights have been violated in New York.

If your civil rights have been violated in New York, New York, you need to protect yourself immediately. Gather all of the evidence of the violation, whatever it is, and mount a case against the offender.

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