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August 2018 Archives

What does it mean for me to plead the fifth?

Being arrested for a crime is never an easy situation to find yourself in, regardless of your circumstances. You might not know what to expect. You could be worried about how you will be treated. You also might get so nervous that you simply begin talking about what happened. Under the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution, you have the right to plead the fifth so that you don't incriminate yourself.

3 examples of excessive force by police

Dealing with law enforcement should not make anybody fear that their life is in danger. Too often, though, this is exactly what happens — and suspicions that you may be in danger turn out to be correct. Policing methods have been the subject of much media attention in recent months, and rightfully so. Too many law enforcement officers have been caught harming innocent victims for no reason.

How to prevent back injuries on the job

Back injuries are quite common in just about every workplace. You don't have to work in construction or some other industry that has you moving around a lot to suffer a back injury. Simply sitting in front of a computer for too long can lead to back problems. Let's take a look at how you can prevent back injuries on the job.

How do I prove police misconduct?

Police misconduct is nothing new in New York. There have been stories in the news for decades about issues with police officers related to brutality, corruption and other issues. Victims of this misconduct often don't know how they can fight back without fear of further retaliation. If you believe you are the victim of police misconduct, you should read through this post to find out how you can prove it happened.

New York woman has cops called for waiting for an Uber

Numerous headlines have popped up in recent months where individuals call law enforcement on black and Hispanic individuals waiting at Starbucks or having a barbecue. This has led to pressure from people all over the country to "decriminalize blackness" and allow people to occupy spaces they have a right to. 

How do I prevent a scaffolding accident?

When you go to work at a construction site in New York, do you have to work on scaffolding? If so, you likely know what safety equipment you need in order to be allowed on the scaffolding. But, do you know the other safety procedures that need to be followed in order to prevent a scaffolding accident?

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