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How to obtain medical care for a prisoner

Just because a loved one has been sentenced to prison for a crime doesn't mean that they lose their rights. One of the rights they are still entitled to is the receipt of medical care. If you believe that your loved one is not receiving the medical care they deserve while in prison, there are some steps you can take to ensure this changes.

Contact your loved one's physician who operates outside of the prison. They might be allowed to visit your family member in prison if their condition is serious enough. If visits from the doctor are not allowed, he or she might be able to call and speak with the prisoner.

If you have been alerted by your loved one of a medical issue and they are not getting care, you should contact the medical professionals who work at the prison. Bring the medical issue to their attention, so they can administer care.

If you are unable to reach the doctors who work at the prison, you should contact the office of the medical director of the prison. Ask to speak with the director to express your concerns and inform them of the issue.

Still having trouble getting medical care for your loved one who is in prison? It's best to have an attorney handle your medical situation and communication with the prison.

A prisoner's rights should not be taken away or violated simply because they are behind bars. This is especially true when it comes to the medical care prisoners are to receive. Make sure your loved one is receiving the care they deserve while serving time in prison.

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