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Month: February 2019

Construction is dangerous: Be cautious, alert and safe

The construction industry is not very safe, even though many steps have been taken to make it safer over time. People who work in this industry find that they're exposed to a greater number of hazards, which can mean that they're put at risk of injuries more often. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that over 9 percent of 3.3 million nonfatal injuries and illnesses were suffered by people in the construction industry. Many of these injuries were due to falls, falling objects, equipment-related accidents and repetitive-motion injuries. As the summer approaches, one...

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When the government accuses you of a RICO violation

Should you find yourself facing RICO charges in New York, this is a serious matter indeed. It means that the government has chosen to prosecute you under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act. Congress passed this Act in 1970 for the original purpose of fighting Mafia racketeering. Over the past nearly half century, however, government agents have also used the RICO provisions to prosecute alleged criminals who they believe participated in the following kinds of white collar crime: Embezzlement Money laundering Mail fraud Bribery Counterfeiting Proving a RICO case In any RICO...

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Defining tax evasion

With tax season in full swing, you and thousands of other New Yorkers likely are in the throes of preparing your tax returns. Or maybe you chose to hire an accountant or tax preparation service to figure out your taxes this year. Either way, you probably find the whole tax filing process to be more than a little stressful. What if you make a mistake? What if your preparer makes a mistake? Will the IRS come after you for tax evasion? The answers to those three questions are no. The IRS does not criminally prosecute people for making inadvertent mistakes on their tax returns. Mistakes per se...

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Man sues city, police for wrongful arrest in New York

In recent news from Jan. 28, it was reported that a man decided to sue the city and the New Rochelle Police Departments for his wrongful arrest. He claims that he was taken into custody in January 2018 when the police received an anonymous call stating that he'd violated an order of protection by being at the address. The order of protection mandated he stay away from a woman who was later called for verification. She told police that she did not live at the residence and was living in Connecticut, so the man had not violated the order. They contacted her attorney who told them the same....

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Tell your defense attorney everything for the best protection

Criminal defense is important to any person who has been arrested and for those who could potentially be arrested. For example, those who are potentially involved in fraud could see colleagues or employers arrested before they're implicated themselves. From the moment that any investigation begins, having an attorney on your side is important. Some people feel uncomfortable talking to their defense attorneys about what really happened in a situation. Why? They don't want to be judged or be turned in. The good news is that your attorney hears what you have to say in confidence. You don't have...

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