New York Civil Rights And Criminal Defense Lawyers

Month: March 2019

Do women have access to good personal protective equipment?

New York City's construction field is strong, and it has begun to pull in more female contractors. As a female in a primarily male field, you already have some interesting challenges. A more important challenge to address is the need for specialized safety equipment. As a female who may be asked to perform the same tasks as men, people may believe that you can use the same safety equipment. That's not necessarily the truth. You may need to purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) that fits you correctly, or you could face the dire consequences of using ill-fitted gear. What happens when...

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Criminal defense and the American dream

The U.S. Constitution, a document created after the American Revolution, guaranteed the innate equality of American citizens. The Constitution provided the basis for a fair system of laws to protect the innocent by requiring due process and evidentiary proof before assigning guilt to a person accused of a criminal act.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. reinforced the need for fairness in adjudication when he stated, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Mistaken beliefs about criminal defense Although some Americans view the practice of criminal defense law as a...

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What are factors in a criminal case for police misconduct?

The term police misconduct includes acts that are unethical or illegal as well as acts that violate an individual's rights. As a victim of police misconduct, it is your right to pursue compensation and to fight in court against those who try to take away your rights. There is a problem in many criminal cases, though, in that the government has to prove that misconduct occurred beyond a reasonable doubt. The government has to prove that: The defendant acted willfully in taking away or attempting to take away your rights The defendant deprived you of your rights as protected by the laws of the...

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