New York Civil Rights And Criminal Defense Lawyers

Month: April 2019

Yes, you have a right to challenge a verdict

There are times when a conviction may not be fair or justified. Whether it's due to a biased jury or a miscarriage of justice based on a lack of evidence, it's very important that those who are facing a wrongful conviction or unjust conviction get the help they need to reverse it. If you believe that the guilty verdict was made in error, then you can seek a reversal of the conviction. Normally, you can do this through an appeal. Sometimes, you can do it through a writ. What is the likelihood of having a conviction overturned? It depends on the circumstances of your case, but in most...

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Resisting arrest may complicate your criminal case

Like most New Yorkers, you have a healthy respect for law enforcement officers. Nonetheless, if you do not believe you have committed a crime, having an officer handcuff you may seem unacceptable. Still, resisting arrest may complicate your criminal case. It could also lead to other serious consequences.  In New York, you meet the elements of resisting arrest if you either intentionally prevent or attempt to prevent an officer from conducting an authorized arrest. An authorized arrest occurs when officers have probable cause to believe you have committed a crime.  Officers may have...

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The problem of perjury

Perjury is the act of giving a knowingly inaccurate testimony while under oath. In today’s climate of false accusations and evidence, it has become an even more pervasive problem. Last year, a judge sentenced a New York police detective to 60 days in jail, following an instance of blatant perjury concerning a search warrant. Many believe this to be a lenient punishment, considering the impact that lies like these can have. This particular case demonstrates how serious the issue of perjury has become. A violation of rights In the aforementioned case of Sasha Neve, the lie started with...

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Woman claims police targetted her, falsely imprisoned her

A woman is claiming that she was a victim of false arrest, false mental health arrest, false imprisonment, fraudulent charges and more after she was arrested during a confrontation between herself and the instructors at the local Citizens Police Academy in Albany. One officer, in body-cam footage, made a lewd motion to another officer as the woman was sitting on a bench. She can be heard saying that the officer is attempting to antagonize her. The 25-year-old woman later discovered the officers mocking her and one asking if the other had gotten her phone number. The woman claims today that...

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