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Month: June 2019

Incarceration does not eliminate your human rights

You might believe that prison guards are meant to maintain order, security and discipline. And while that is the case, guards must also recognize the safety and rights of those they oversee. But in some unfortunate circumstances, prisoners suffer at the hands of those employed to maintain a civil environment. In one such case of alleged assault by a prison guard, attorney Edward Sivin of helped an inmate bring a lawsuit against New York State. And a judge from the Court of Claims at Albany recently found the state liable for the prisoner's injuries. Why a judge...

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Get help protecting your civil rights

To know if your civil rights have been violated, you need to know what they are. Civil rights refer to the rights citizens have to social and political freedom. Civil rights guarantee equality, no matter who you are, what you look like or where you come from. There are many different types of civil rights. Some include the right to vote and the right to certain government services. Others might include the right to a public education or the right to use public facilities. Other civil rights that are important in law are the right to a fair trial and protection against unfair treatment by the...

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Are sobriety checkpoints legal in New York?

At sobriety checkpoints, officers have the authority to stop drivers and test for intoxication. The police do not need reasonable cause or suspicion to do this. It seems to go against a citizen’s Fourth Amendment rights, but close examination of the Constitution has allowed it to pass in several states.  The NYPD takes these stops very seriously. It has gone as far as ordering Google to modify its popular Waze app to prevent drivers from warning others of a checkpoint’s location. Here is what you should know to best protect your rights at a sobriety checkpoint. Know state...

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The dangers of food poisoning

Have you ever felt sick to your stomach and immediately blamed it on something you ate? While most minor indigestion issues pass on their own, some situations may be more severe. In fact, foodborne illnesses can sometimes be fatal. Restaurants have a duty to serve food that is both fresh and well-prepared. It is especially easy to mishandle meat and dairy products if a cook is not careful. If you have experienced significant pain or illness from poorly-prepared food, you may be able to hold the restaurant responsible for your suffering. The impact of these illnesses On average, about 48...

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What is malicious prosecution? Know your rights

If you're accused of a crime, one of the things you need to be careful of is malicious prosecution. With a case of malicious prosecution, charges are maliciously filed against you with the goal of harassing you, causing intimidation or defaming you. The goal is to injure you. Malicious prosecution usually occurs when one person files false charges against another. For example, a person might choose to file charges against a political figure to hurt their chances of obtaining a position in the government. As you may or may not know, private citizens have the right to file lawsuits at any...

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