New York Civil Rights And Criminal Defense Lawyers

Month: October 2019

Common injuries that develop after a car crash

New York is a hub of activity, and the roads often pay the price in terms of overloading and traffic. An accident is something that can sideline others aside from the crash victims. You may believe you know how to handle the aftermath of an accident. However, you need to watch out for injuries that may lurk below the surface. Familiarize yourself with these three major problems that may start as something much less. 1. Internal bleeding A serious side effect of hitting something hard in the vehicle during a crash is bruising. Those green and black marks indicate bleeding under the skin....

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You can file a claim against the police for misconduct

There is never a reason for a police officer to brutalize an individual. There's never a reason for them to violate another person's rights. At the end of the day, police officers are supposed to protect the peace and enforce the laws, but their main goal should be to protect the people they serve. Incidents involving police misconduct can be terrifying. Some common situations where misconduct could occur include: During traffic stops While being arrested During actions that are a result of racial profiling During detainment in a jail, detention facility or prison If you're victimized in any...

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Get help if your rights or liberties have been violated

Protecting your civil rights is very important, but if you're not quite sure what your civil rights are, you wouldn't be the first to ask. Civil rights include the right to be free from discrimination based on protected features, the right to practice any religion you choose and the right to free speech. Americans are also given rights such as the freedom of the press, the right to a trial by jury, the right to assemble and the right to petition the government. In fact, there are many rights granted to the American people, and it's smart to be informed about them. Your civil rights are...

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When investigators must advise you of your rights

If you have ever watched a police drama on television, you have no doubt heard the warning. With its name coming from a famous U.S. Supreme Court opinion, the warning informs individuals of both their right to remain silent and their right to legal counsel.  The U.S. Constitution confers a variety of rights to individuals. The warning, though, advises criminal suspects of protections that appear the Fifth and Sixth Amendments. Specifically, you have the right to not incriminate yourself and to have a lawyer present during police questioning. Officers must only advise you of your...

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