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Month: November 2019

Holding New York police accountable for misconduct

By and large, New Yorkers are most appreciative of the police officers who devote their time to keeping residents safe. There is a flip side however, in that the police sometimes abuse their power. Here are three areas of concern where law enforcement officers may violate the rights of citizens. 1. False arrest False arrest is the most common claim lodged against law enforcement officers. The person initiating the claim will often say that the police violated his or her Fourth Amendment right concerning unreasonable seizure. The question is whether the officer had probable cause to believe a...

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Woman sues New York police after falling in a haunted house

Injuries can happen anywhere, even when you go to a haunted house. Not surprisingly, Halloween is a fun time of year with lots of exciting haunted houses to go to in the Bronx and beyond. Unfortunately, they aren't always safe. Take, for example, this case involving a mother from the Bronx who is now suing the New York Police Department after breaking her ankle in the precinct's haunted house. It is her claim that an officer jumped out to scare her and knocked her down, leaving her with a broken ankle as a result. The woman claims that she was visiting the 41st station house with her...

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3 ways to film police officers safely

Everyone these days seemingly has a smartphone with an integrated camera. Whether you are riding the subway, walking on the street or sitting in your house, you may want to use your phone’s camera to record police activity. Generally, you have a First Amendment right to do so, provided you do not obstruct police activity.  A recording of police activities may be essential to someone’s criminal defense. It may also keep law enforcement officials from violating the law. Nonetheless, officers may not appreciate their actions ending up on a digital recording. Here are three ways...

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Understand more about racial profiling in America

If you've ever worried about how you would be treated as a result of the color of your skin or other aspects of how you look, then you may be concerned about racial profiling. Racial profiling takes place when you're treated unfairly and targeted as a result of your perceived race, national origin, religion or ethnicity. There is no question that racial profiling is illegal. It sometimes violates the very core of the United States Constitution, which guarantees people the right to protection from unreasonable search and seizure. Racial profiling is also ineffective, leading to whole...

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