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Month: December 2019

Calculating the true cost of a drunk driving conviction

Having authorities stop you on suspicion of drunk driving may prove tremendously harrowing and anxiety-inducing. While you may face criminal penalties as a result of your actions, you should also anticipate considerable financial repercussions. These days, most Americans who receive convictions for drunk driving find that their arrests wind up costing them thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars over time. This typically holds true regardless of where you reside geographically. According to BACtrack, a typical New York motorist who received his or her first conviction for driving...

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Get support if you’re a victim of a false arrest

A false arrest is when a person claims that they have been held against their will without probable cause or court order. A false arrest can be a kind of police misconduct. For example, if an officer takes a person into custody only because they're African American, then that person may claim to be a victim of a false arrest. Officers have a right to stop you and arrest you with probable cause. Police can arrest individuals without a warrant if they witness a misdemeanor or felony take place. To prove that an arrest was a false arrest, the victim has to prove that the arresting officer did...

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2 false positive tests keep a man in prison 4.5 months too long

If you are arrested and tested for drugs, you expect that test to come back accurately. If you don't use drugs, it would be an absolute shock to be accused of being drugged. That's similar to what happened to this young man. The 34-year-old man was at school in New York's Willard Correctional Facility at the drug treatment campus when he was asked to take a drug test. He was formerly a heroin user, but he had stayed clean throughout the program. In fact, he had only a month to go before he would get to leave and go home. That drug test didn't come back negative, though. It came back saying...

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