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Month: January 2020

How does racial profiling affect Americans?

Racial profiling is a serious problem in America. Every state is a little different, but it can be agreed that there are underlying racial issues that have to be considered any time someone is arrested or accused of a crime. Racial profiling is a troubling issue because it targets people of specific races. It humiliates these individuals and results in detentions, searches without evidence, interrogations and more. There is no way to know if someone is going to participate in a crime based on their race, yet racial profiling is still an issue. One of the biggest problems with racial...

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What if I have kids in the car when driving under the influence?

Driving under the influence is an issue that continues to plague jurisdictions across the country, especially New York. Even if you have a clean driving and criminal record, the penalties are steep for a first-time DUI offender. You may already know about the consequences of a DUI, but if you get caught operating a vehicle while under the influence with minor passengers, you could face additional criminal charges in addition to a DUI. DUI cases that involve child passengers are more complex and can immediately change lives. Sadly, many parents expose their children to the dangers...

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Murder case dismissed over police misconduct in New York

Police misconduct is a serious problem. When the police do something that isn't appropriate, it can affect an entire case. Take, for example, this recent case out of New York in which a man whose DNA was allegedly discovered on a dead female will no longer face murder charges. There's good reason for the man not having to face charges and for having the case dismissed, and that reason is police misconduct. According to the story, the police wrongfully obtained the man's DNA, and a judge would not allow an oder to obtain a second sample. This was despite showing that the DNA from the man's...

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An overview of New York’s drug treatment courts

When authorities charge you with a drug-related criminal act, you run the risk of facing serious penalties that may include jail time, hefty fines, substance abuse treatment obligations and more. If your criminal act was not a violent one, but rather, something you did because of your addiction, you may be able to avoid some of these penalties by enrolling in and graduating from a New York drug court. Drug courts involve attorneys, prosecutors, substance abuse professionals and others coming together to collectively help substance abusers beat their addictions. Ultimately, the goal is...

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Do you need surgery for a broken hand?

One personal injury that is a shock to those who suffer from it is a broken hand. Broken hands can range from having a single broken bone to having several shattered bones throughout. Hand breaks usually do require a visit to the doctor or the hospital. In some cases, you may need surgery to secure the bones. In other cases, splints might be used to reduce the likelihood of further damage and movement. Hand injuries can be handicapping. There is a real potential that your hand may not work the same as it used to as a result of a break. Another serious risk is that an infection could take...

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