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Month: May 2020

What should you know about police misconduct?

If there is anything that scares you, it's the idea of the authorities going beyond their job description and harming others. You want to know that you can rely on the police and believe that many of the officers you see are good people. Unfortunately, with more and more cases of police brutality and misconduct coming out in the news, it's hard to keep the faith that an officer you come into contact with will be respectful to you and won't overstep their boundaries. There are many different examples of police misconduct such as: False arrest Reckless driving Using excessive force Sexual...

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What are the ‘fatal four’ causes of construction site accidents?

One of the pillars of the economy in New York is the ongoing construction of roads, homes and buildings. Those who work in the construction industry face many dangers, including the threat of on-the-job injuries. Sometimes these injuries lead to fatalities that leave the victim’s loved ones not only with emotional losses but also financial damages in the form of medical expenses incurred prior to death, lost wages and lost companionship. It is important to understand the basics of fatal construction injuries. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration has identified what it...

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What constitutes the white collar crime of embezzlement?

You may have spent years working hard in your chosen profession and after time have seen significant occupational success. If some of your responsibilities include handling company funds, it is essential that you do so as carefully as possible. A misstep could do more than harm your company -- it could lead to charges of embezzlement that threaten your personal and professional reputation and well-being. Defining embezzlement What is embezzlement? Embezzlement occurs when a worker obtains company assets lawfully, but then uses them for personal purposes rather than the intended company...

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Plainclothes NYPD officer’s alleged misconduct caught on video

When a New York City police officer is attempting to enforce the law, it does not mean that the officer has the right to mistreat people. Police misconduct can happen in many ways and some of the worst violations involve getting overly physical and abusing a suspect. Whether the arrest or citation was valid or not, those who were subjected to mistreatment should understand their rights. An incident on a street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan resulted in accusations of violent behavior on the part of a plainclothes officer. There is a viral video of the series of events. According to...

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