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Ford and Mazda add vehicles to 'Do Not Drive' list over airbags

When you purchase a vehicle you expect it to function properly and be free of potentially fatal defects. However, this is not always the case. If American consumers have learned one thing about the massive Takata Airbag recall, which has affected millions of vehicles worldwide, it's that we can't always count on the safety of consumer products. In recent news, the Takata Airbag saga continues with Ford Motor Company putting even more vehicles on its 'Do Not Drive' list as a result of these potentially deadly airbags.

Regular motorcycle maintenance will help keep you safe

The importance of a sound, smoothly operating motorcycle cannot be underestimated when it comes to preventing accidents. With safety and accident prevention in mind, every motorcyclist should take care to look over his or her entire bike before taking to the road.

Personal injury law: Basic terms you should know

Personal injury plaintiffs may encounter a lot of new words and vocabulary throughout their legal proceedings. Some of this vocabulary will be rarely heard legal jargon, but other words you might be more familiar with. What follows is a listing of some vital personal injury vocabulary. If you're not familiar with the definitions of any of the following words, be sure to read it and commit it to memory as the word may become very handy to you in the future.

Ford recalls hundreds of thousands of vehicles for airbag problem

Everyone has heard of the Tacata airbag crisis that identified millions of vehicles around the world -- from many different manufacturers -- which were at risk of having their airbags explode. Millions of cars have since been recalled over the few years, and you'd think that automakers would have recalled all of them by now. However, Ford recently announced that it will recall several hundred more cars due to the risk that airbag problems could kill the occupants riding inside these cars and trucks.

Will self-driving cars make our roads safer?

Ten years ago, the idea of a self-driving automobile sounded like a fantasy, but today there are self-driving cars and trucks delivering people and products in some parts of the country. While there are very few self-driving cars on the road at this point, and they are still being tested and perfected, every month it seems like a new technology has appeared to make a world without human drivers more plausible.

What are the most serious construction accident dangers?

If you've spent your career working around construction sites, you're probably aware of the numerous dangers New York hardhats encounter on the job. However, you might not be aware of all of them. By reviewing some of the most common scenarios that cause construction accidents on a regular basis, workers will be more alert to avoid them.

Safety bill will require more training for construction workers

A new bill passed the New York City Council last Wednesday to require more safety training for construction workers. The bill demands that workers receive 40 hours of safety training, and it's hoped that such measures will help prevent deaths and injuries on the job.

Dram shop laws and drunk driving accident cases

If you were hurt by a drunk driver, you might have heard your attorney reference the term "dram shop." Dram shop laws are special laws enacted to hold sellers of alcohol legally responsible for injuries, deaths and financial damages that arise from their irresponsible sale of alcohol to highly-intoxicated customers. In addition to dram shop laws, social host liability laws exist to prevent the hosts of parties from giving their guests an irresponsible amount of alcohol, and then letting them drive home.

Bronx jail inmate receives $425,000 settlement for injuries

A Bronx jail inmate has accepted a $425,000 settlement after suffering serious injuries. In the lawsuit, the man alleges that jail guards chose to look the other way as a fellow inmate beat him twice. Following the beating and injuries, the man said that correction officers did not report his injuries. The incident happened in February 2015 at the Vernon C. Bain Center.

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