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Will self-driving cars make our roads safer?

Ten years ago, the idea of a self-driving automobile sounded like a fantasy, but today there are self-driving cars and trucks delivering people and products in some parts of the country. While there are very few self-driving cars on the road at this point, and they are still being tested and perfected, every month it seems like a new technology has appeared to make a world without human drivers more plausible.

What are the most serious construction accident dangers?

If you've spent your career working around construction sites, you're probably aware of the numerous dangers New York hardhats encounter on the job. However, you might not be aware of all of them. By reviewing some of the most common scenarios that cause construction accidents on a regular basis, workers will be more alert to avoid them.

Safety bill will require more training for construction workers

A new bill passed the New York City Council last Wednesday to require more safety training for construction workers. The bill demands that workers receive 40 hours of safety training, and it's hoped that such measures will help prevent deaths and injuries on the job.

Dram shop laws and drunk driving accident cases

If you were hurt by a drunk driver, you might have heard your attorney reference the term "dram shop." Dram shop laws are special laws enacted to hold sellers of alcohol legally responsible for injuries, deaths and financial damages that arise from their irresponsible sale of alcohol to highly-intoxicated customers. In addition to dram shop laws, social host liability laws exist to prevent the hosts of parties from giving their guests an irresponsible amount of alcohol, and then letting them drive home.

Bronx jail inmate receives $425,000 settlement for injuries

A Bronx jail inmate has accepted a $425,000 settlement after suffering serious injuries. In the lawsuit, the man alleges that jail guards chose to look the other way as a fellow inmate beat him twice. Following the beating and injuries, the man said that correction officers did not report his injuries. The incident happened in February 2015 at the Vernon C. Bain Center.

Deadly airbag maker pleads guilty to fraud

The Japanese airbag maker, Takata Corp. -- which became famous for manufacturing deadly airbags that spew hot metal shrapnel into car compartments -- has pleaded guilty to wire fraud. The auto parts maker has also agreed to a $1 billion payment for its concealment of the fact millions of defective and dangerous airbags were installed in vehicles throughout the world.

What should I do after a car accident?

After getting hit by a negligent driver, the typical New York resident will be shell-shocked to say the least. Adrenaline will be pumping through your bloodstream and it will be hard to stay focused. For that reason, you may want to keep a list of the following steps handy.

Premises liability and nightclub attacks

New York nightclubs are for fun and enjoyment. They're not for fighting and violence. However, when push comes to shove, a verbal altercation can turn into a physical altercation in a heartbeat. When these situations happen, the participants in the altercation and innocent bystanders can get seriously hurt.

14-year-old pedestrian struck by driver after road rage incident

There's no excuse for road rage. This senseless behavior of anger out of control is dangerous for drivers, pedestrians and anyone else we share the road with. Drivers with anger problems need to do everything they can -- and get psychological help when needed -- in order to prevent their reckless emotions from hurting the fellow citizens with whom they share the road.

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