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Murder case dismissed over police misconduct in New York

Police misconduct is a serious problem. When the police do something that isn't appropriate, it can affect an entire case. Take, for example, this recent case out of New York in which a man whose DNA was allegedly discovered on a dead female will no longer face murder charges.

You can file a claim against the police for misconduct

There is never a reason for a police officer to brutalize an individual. There's never a reason for them to violate another person's rights. At the end of the day, police officers are supposed to protect the peace and enforce the laws, but their main goal should be to protect the people they serve.

Woman sues Syracuse Police Department over rape case

If you have to call the police, you hope that they'll come to help you. You want them to take your situation seriously and to give you the support that you deserve under the law. You deserve protection and help, not to be put in a more dangerous situation.

Shooting involving officers often hidden away in documentation

When the police do something wrong, the public deserves to know and to hold the agencies responsible for those actions. Unfortunately, the reality is that police misconduct is often hidden, and records of incidents are hidden away.

What are factors in a criminal case for police misconduct?

The term police misconduct includes acts that are unethical or illegal as well as acts that violate an individual's rights. As a victim of police misconduct, it is your right to pursue compensation and to fight in court against those who try to take away your rights.

Court blocks attempt to release police personnel records

If there is something that seems like it shouldn't happen, it's the shielding of records that should be available to the public. In New York, the top court determined that it would continue to shield the police misconduct records from the public.

New York paid $384 million to settle years of police misconduct

New York's finest are there to serve and protect the people of America's largest city. But the excessive force displayed by individuals on the police force can darken its reputation as well as cause harm to innocent people, even if the image of the beat cop has improved over the last few decades.

How do I prove police misconduct?

Police misconduct is nothing new in New York. There have been stories in the news for decades about issues with police officers related to brutality, corruption and other issues. Victims of this misconduct often don't know how they can fight back without fear of further retaliation. If you believe you are the victim of police misconduct, you should read through this post to find out how you can prove it happened.

What is malicious prosecution?

Sometimes an individual hasn't done anything wrong to warrant an arrest or criminal charges. Nevertheless, the police officer -- perhaps because he or she has a personal vendetta against the defendant -- decided to arrest the person without sufficient cause. These cases are referred to as "malicious prosecution."

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