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Police Misconduct Archives

Are New York police operating secretly?

In a recent article published by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the ACLU is saying that it has not been able to get information about the policies and practices of 23 different police departments in the state. The ACLU asked for information about police practices concerning detentions, traffic stops, using force, complaining about misconduct, surveillance tech. and racial profiling -- but all it received was red tape in return.

Police violence against women of color

Two words that no person of color wants to think about are "police brutality." However, the reality of misconduct, racial profiling and the overuse of force by law enforcement officers is something that every minority has to remember. According to a recent book, "Invisible No More: Police Violence Against Black Women and Women of Color," female minorities are particularly at risk of being the victims of police violence, but their stories are often hidden from public view.

Man files police misconduct suit against White Plains police

A businessman from Westchester has filed a lawsuit against the White Plains police claiming police brutality. The multimillion-dollar lawsuit alleges that authorities brutalized the man without any reason. A lot of the incident was caught on surveillance camera.

Alleged police misconduct: Did a Baltimore officer plant drugs?

A Baltimore police officer has been accused of planting evidence at the scene of an arrest. The accusations come following police body camera footage that appears to show the officer throwing a bag of illegal drugs on the ground near where officers arrested a man on drug charges in January.

How video evidence helps to combat police brutality

For decades, police in New York have -- literally in some cases -- gotten away with murder due to the fact that there aren't always witnesses or evidence of the police brutality they commit against the public. However, this is changing due to the use of video evidence recorded by citizen cellphones and surveillance cameras.

Tennis player James Blake settled his police brutality lawsuit

Tennis star James Blake has settled his police brutality claim against New York City. The tennis player agreed to withdraw his claim in exchange for the city creating a legal fellowship named after him. The fellowship will investigate cases of police misconduct.

Who can file a police misconduct complaint?

It seems like you can't turn on the television or read a newspaper these days without seeing information about a police misconduct matter. Some of these instances are downright frightening as they may involve police shooting innocent civilians. You might not think something like this could happen to you or a loved one, but if you or someone you know becomes the victim of police misconduct, you are well within your right to file a complaint.

Basketball player receives $4 million police brutality settlement

A basketball player for the Atlanta Hawks, Sefolosha, received a multimillion dollar settlement related to his alleged police brutality case. The $4 million settlement came as a result of the athlete's accusations that five police officers used excessive force while falsely arresting him. The arrest in question happened outside a nightclub in New York City in 2015.

Profile of a police brutality claim

Imagine you're driving through New York City and you see the flash of red and blue lights in your rearview mirror. An New York Police Department officer is pulling you over for accidentally running through a stop sign. You know exactly what you did wrong, and you're regretting that "Hollywood stop" maneuver you pulled.

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