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Prisoner's Rights Archives

People who are incarcerated still have rights

Being incarcerated isn't something that is meant to be a good time. While your loved one's freedoms are taken away, his or her right to be treated as a human and to have his or her basic rights respected remain. Unfortunately, some correctional officers tend to forget that this is the case.

Prisoners' rights: The good news and the bad news

When it comes to prisoners' rights in the United States there is good news and there is bad news. Let's start with the bad news: American prisoners do not have access to full Constitutional rights. Now for the good news: There numerous ways in which the Constitution does protect prisoners -- especially when it comes to the Eighth Amendment.

Former corrections officer sentenced to 30 years in prison

In the violent and difficult world of prisons, corrections officers are sometimes far worse criminals than the people they are charged with keeping in line. This fact became apparent with the conviction of an ex-prison guard from Rikers Island Jail in New York. The guard was sentenced to 30 years in prison for his involvement in the death of an inmate.

When a prisoner can't get medical care

Every human being deserves medical care when he or she is sick. However, New York residents who are serving time in prison might not always get the medical care they require. Whether it's due to prisoner neglect, negligence or wrongdoing -- if a prisoner can't get medical attention for a serious condition, it could be a violation of the prisoner's civil rights.

How one inmate changed prisoners' rights forever

Just because you're an inmate and serving time does not mean you don't have rights, and it certainly does not mean you can't make a difference in the world. Ex-inmate Martin Sostre is proof of this fact. The prisoner received clemency in 1976 from New York's then-governor. Before receiving clemency, he began a successful campaign for prisoner's rights from his New York prison cell.

What rights do I have as a prisoner?

The United States justice system exists with the intention of bringing equality to every human in society. This notion of equality does not disclude the U.S. prison population. Indeed, people in prison are there, serving time for alleged crimes. By serving that time, inmates are repaying their "debt" to society for whatever crime or crimes they were convicted of committing.

West coast prisoner sues over sewage in cell

According to a prisoner in California, prison officers ignored his backed up toilet. The toilet flooded raw sewage into his cell and he was forced to live in the same area as the sewage for multiple days before prison officers took action to clean up the mess.

What is the Prison Litigation Reform Act?

Congress approved the Prison Litigation Reform Act in 1996. A lot of critics of this legislation have judged it as unfairly limiting the ability of inmates to bring forward federal court lawsuits relating to prisoner abuse. Let's take a look at the five major provisions of the PLRA:

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