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Examining a prisoner's visitation rights

If you are convicted of a crime, you likely want to know if you will be able to accept visitors once you are sentenced and sent off to prison. This is a common worry for prisoners, especially those who have never been to prison in the past. For some, depending on where they are sent, prison visits might not be permitted. Let's take a look at a prisoner's visitation rights.

27-year-old inmate dies after medical personnel ignore her

An Alabama inmate is dead after suffering from untreated complications relating to her inflammatory bowel and Crohn's disease. According to the woman's family, medical personnel employed by NaphCare, a company that provided medical care to inmates at the Montgomery County Jail, failed to provide the woman the medical treatment that could have saved her life.

Fights are a danger for inmates: Was your loved one hurt?

Imagine a fight breaks out in your loved one's prison facility. Your son, daughter, husband or wife who is serving time will face a very difficult question. Should he or she fight and try to prevent him- or herself from getting hurt, but risk getting hurt or getting charged with a prison-related crime. Or, should he or she do nothing, potentially get hurt or killed and just hope for the best?

What are my basic rights as an inmate?

You might think that once you report to your prison sentence you lose a lot of rights. And it's true. You lose your right to freedom, your right to vote and so many other privileges, but there are vital rights that you will always retain as a prisoner. Unfortunately, many prisons in New York and other areas of the United States frequently violate these rights.

Rikers Island jail unlawfully held prisoner for extra 8 months

Conditions in U.S. prisons can be nothing short of horrendous. Many inmates are treated with disrespect, and they are also kept in prison for longer than their sentences allow. In one recent prisoner abuse case from New York City's Rikers Island Jail, a 55-year-old inmate was falsely imprisoned for being detained at the jail 252 days more than was legally permitted.

People who are incarcerated still have rights

Being incarcerated isn't something that is meant to be a good time. While your loved one's freedoms are taken away, his or her right to be treated as a human and to have his or her basic rights respected remain. Unfortunately, some correctional officers tend to forget that this is the case.

Prisoners' rights: The good news and the bad news

When it comes to prisoners' rights in the United States there is good news and there is bad news. Let's start with the bad news: American prisoners do not have access to full Constitutional rights. Now for the good news: There numerous ways in which the Constitution does protect prisoners -- especially when it comes to the Eighth Amendment.

Former corrections officer sentenced to 30 years in prison

In the violent and difficult world of prisons, corrections officers are sometimes far worse criminals than the people they are charged with keeping in line. This fact became apparent with the conviction of an ex-prison guard from Rikers Island Jail in New York. The guard was sentenced to 30 years in prison for his involvement in the death of an inmate.

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