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Get help if your rights or liberties have been violated

Protecting your civil rights is very important, but if you're not quite sure what your civil rights are, you wouldn't be the first to ask. Civil rights include the right to be free from discrimination based on protected features, the right to practice any religion you choose and the right to free speech. Americans are also given rights such as the freedom of the press, the right to a trial by jury, the right to assemble and the right to petition the government.

In fact, there are many rights granted to the American people, and it's smart to be informed about them. Your civil rights are centered around protecting you and helping you be treated as an equal citizen in this country.

When investigators must advise you of your rights

If you have ever watched a police drama on television, you have no doubt heard the warning. With its name coming from a famous U.S. Supreme Court opinion, the warning informs individuals of both their right to remain silent and their right to legal counsel

The U.S. Constitution confers a variety of rights to individuals. The warning, though, advises criminal suspects of protections that appear the Fifth and Sixth Amendments. Specifically, you have the right to not incriminate yourself and to have a lawyer present during police questioning. Officers must only advise you of your rights, though, if two situations are both true. 

Raise the Age legislation in final phase this September

People make mistakes. In fact, many people who are accused of crimes never planned to commit them. This is particularly true among minors.

That's why New York has been addressing the problem of having young, impressionable people in its prison system. Now, starting at the end of September, 17-year-old offenders will no longer be put through the adult criminal justice system. This is the final phase of the state's Raise the Age legislation.

How soon can you drive after drinking?

With many holidays approaching, expect more parties and more alcoholic beverages, including festive drinks such as hard cider and spiked eggnog. Many people engage in these traditional parts of celebrating.

What you cannot do following holiday fun is get behind the wheel after downing alcohol. Of course, it is inconvenient when you have places to go, so how long do you have to wait until it is safe to drive?

What are 3 tips for better pedestrian safety in construction?

You live in New York, which means that you're likely to come across a construction zone at one time or another. It might be in the way on your morning commute or blocking the path to your favorite coffee shop.

If you do need to be around a construction site, there are some safety tips you should remember as a pedestrian. Here are three that can help keep you safe.

Get help if you have been falsely imprisoned

If you are imprisoned by someone who doesn't have justification or legal authority, then you may be a victim of false imprisonment. False imprisonment takes away your ability to move to where you want to go freely. For example, if someone stops you and will not allow you to leave, this could constitute false imprisonment.

Interestingly, false imprisonment can occur when you are arrested improperly. For instance, if you are arrested by someone without legal authority and then taken into custody, you'll be a victim of false imprisonment from the time when you were take away and restrained.

Don't forget the risk of a delayed-onset injury

Of the injuries you can suffer in a crash, one of the most unusual is the delayed injury. Delayed-onset injuries are special since they can take many hours or days to emerge. From slow bleeds to pain from broken bones or other significant injuries, delayed injuries can take many forms.

At the scene of a car accident, you're in shock. You've been through a traumatic event, and you may not be thinking straight. Though you feel fine, the reality is that adrenaline is coursing through your veins. Adrenaline and other chemicals are released by your body to help you stay alert and active in a time of stress, but those same chemicals can hinder your body's ability to recognize pain or injuries.

Are you under investigation for healthcare insurance fraud?

Let us say that you and your partners operate a family medical practice. There are three physicians and a staff of 12 that includes two people who handle accounts payable and receivable.

With Mary and Joe as the focus, your office is currently under investigation for possible healthcare insurance fraud. What should you do?

El Chapo sentenced, faces allegedly unfair trial, poor conditions

If you have been following the news, then you may have heard that the so-called drug lord "El Chapo" has been sentenced to life in prison. It's believed that he will be sent to the Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado.

The man, 62, is to be sentenced to the prison, which is known to house some of the most high-risk and dangerous prisoners in the United States. He is, after all, one of the most notorious outlaws in the United States today; he ran a Mexican cartel and smuggled over $12 billion of drugs into the country.

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