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Personal Injury

These 3 work zone hazards affect pedestrians and workers

There are many kinds of accidents that can happen on construction sites, which is why people should not be on a construction site without permission. Sometimes, especially in New York, you may have to walk through an area that is under construction. Doing that, you could be exposed to many of the hazards that workers face. You could also be an independent contractor working for a company and end up suffering an injury, which then requires you to make a personal injury claim instead of workers' compensation claim. Whether you're walking through the area or work there, there are a few hazards...

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What should you do if you’re hit by falling debris?

There are many different reasons that someone could get hurt while working on a construction site. From falling from scaffolding to getting hit by a falling object, there are various accidents that could happen. While construction workers have protections like hardhats and safety glasses, people walking near or around a construction site may not have anything to protect them. A construction site should be designed to keep all hazards within its bounds, but uneven walkways and debris could impact others. What should you do if you're hit by a falling object near a construction site? If you are...

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Filing a dram shop liability claim

If someone gets behind the wheel of a car after drinking and ends up causing an accident, many people wonder if the bar that served the driver alcohol is partially responsible for the injuries and/or deaths resulting from that accident. Under New York dram shop laws, New York businesses are not allowed to serve alcohol to people who are visibly intoxicated, under the age of 21, or habitual drunkards. By violating state liquor laws, bars and restaurants can open themselves up to liability in cases involving drunk drivers. Dram shop laws allow drunk driving accident victims and their families...

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