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Personal injury can happen in a wide variety of circumstances

On Behalf of | Tuesday Nov 8, 2016 | Personal Injury

If you think about the term personal injury, what pops into your mind first? If you are like most New York residents, you probably thought of a motor vehicle accident. It is certainly true that many people suffer devastating personal injury in auto accidents caused by negligent parties, but this is just one way in which a person can be injured through negligence.

Occupying or visiting unsafe premises can also lead to personal injury. For example, if you are at the mall and a faulty escalator causes you to be hurt, you have suffered a personal injury. In another example, suppose you are walking through a parking garage that lacks adequate security and someone hurts you in a robbery attempt. You have again suffered a negligent personal injury.

Members of the New York workforce can also be victims of personal injury through negligence. Construction workers are often at great risk for injury while doing their jobs. Our law firm once handled a personal injury case in which a construction worker was seriously injured when a scaffold collapsed. The victim in this case was awarded a $950,000.00 settlement for his injuries.

The takeaway here is that victims of personal injury should not be too quick to dismiss the incident as a simple accident. While determining negligence and seeking compensation can be complicated, you owe it to yourself to look for justice.

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