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Police chief resigns after writing racial profiling email

On Behalf of | Thursday Dec 1, 2016 | Civil Rights

A police chief in a neighboring state was accused of promoting racial profiling tactics after an email he wrote surfaced publicly. The email stated that racial profiling serves a purpose in law enforcement when carried out correctly.

More specifically, the email, written in 2014, said that black gang members from a neighboring city frequently carry out crimes in their city, Wyckoff, and this is why officers target black individuals present in white neighborhoods. After the email surfaced, the police chief announced that he would resign from his position following a 180-day suspension that started on Aug. 5. His resignation date was Nov. 15.

No information has been revealed concerning the conditions of the police chief’s retirement. Details pertaining to the man’s pension and/or other retirement benefits he may receive and/or sacrifice have been kept confidential.

In addition to supporting the racial profiling of black individuals in white neighborhoods, the police chief’s email also promoted the racial profiling of white individuals in black neighborhoods. The email said that New York police officers frequently stop white children found in black neighborhoods because it is assumed that the children are there in order to purchase drugs.

The county prosecutor for the town of Wyckoff announced that no occurrences of racial profiling have been substantiated thus far. Furthermore, town officials assured the community that the email by the police chief was an isolated incident and it was not indicative of a systemic problem at its police department.

Racial profiling is unlawful under federal civil rights laws that protect New York residents and residents of the rest of the nation. If you or a family member suspect that you have been targeted by police who have engaged in racial profiling, you may be able to stand up for your rights in court.

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