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Premises liability and nightclub attacks

On Behalf of | Friday Feb 10, 2017 | Personal Injury

New York nightclubs are for fun and enjoyment. They’re not for fighting and violence. However, when push comes to shove, a verbal altercation can turn into a physical altercation in a heartbeat. When these situations happen, the participants in the altercation and innocent bystanders can get seriously hurt.

In a lot of nightclub fight situations, the nightclub itself might be liable for the injuries suffered the patrons in some cases. Indeed, under premises liability law, entertainment establishments must take reasonable action to ensure the safety of the people and customers on their property. This means nightclubs must provide adequate security — and security personnel who are sufficiently trained for the job. Nightclubs must act appropriately when it’s clear that any patrons are at risk of getting hurt.

In addition to the nightclub, the individuals involved in a physical altercation can also be held liable for the injuries they cause in some cases. If a New York court determines one individual was at fault for causing a fight, or someone used excessive force in defending him or herself, or someone was aggressively trying to hurt someone, the person could be financially liable for the damages and injuries that result.

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