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The importance of properly trained security personnel

On Behalf of | Wednesday May 3, 2017 | Police Misconduct

One thing that many people who have been injured at a nightclub or restaurant do not realize is that properly trained security personnel could have prevented their injuries. For example, if police are frequently called to a club, its security officers likely need more training than those at a club that rarely calls the police.

The protection of patrons is a big reason that nightclubs and restaurants should have a well-trained security force. It can also be a good idea for insurance purposes and for general community relations. Here is a look at how security officers can keep patrons safe.

Their presence deters trouble

The mere presence of uniformed and tough-looking security officers can prevent troublemakers from even entering an establishment in the first place. That said, it takes little if any training to simply appear tough. Well-trained officers are adept at spotting false IDs and at catching people on the establishment’s “do not allow” list before they can enter. If people who would otherwise perpetuate crime know that a restaurant or club has a reputation for great security, they may go elsewhere.

They resolve conflicts more effectively

Who is in a better position to safely resolve a fight, a poorly trained security officer or one who has gone through exhaustive training? Many fights get out of hand, leading to severe injuries or even death. As an example, suppose one person in a fight pulls out a gun. Well-trained security officers should know how to remain calm and how to bring the situation to the best resolution possible.

They may be more ethical

Some people take bribes to let people or weapons into a club, even when it’s against the rules. Security personnel who have undergone training are typically more aware of the consequences of taking bribes and so less likely to accept them. As a result, they keep patrons safer.

If you have been injured in a club fight, it is possible the security officers there were improperly trained. An attorney can help determine if you have a case.