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Man files police misconduct suit against White Plains police

On Behalf of | Friday Aug 25, 2017 | Police Misconduct

A businessman from Westchester has filed a lawsuit against the White Plains police claiming police brutality. The multimillion-dollar lawsuit alleges that authorities brutalized the man without any reason. A lot of the incident was caught on surveillance camera.

The video shows the 72-year-old man attempting to enter the elevator of an apartment building last January. Next, White Plains police can be seen stopping him. He was headed to assist his fiance who was in the throes of a dispute with her adult daughter. The man tried to tell the police that he could bring resolution to the matter quickly. However, police refused to let him go up the elevator.

Next, police put handcuffs on the man. They also slammed him against the wall, causing his glasses to fly off his head and pushed him to the ground. Things only got worse. The man fell and he told the officers that he struck his head. Police told him he had not struck his head and that he should stand up or they would drag him out of the building. Then, police picked the man up and dragged him out of the building.

The altercation caused the man to hurt his knee, his shoulders and his back. The handcuffs also caused his wrists to bleed.

Last Tuesday, the injured man filed a lawsuit naming the White Plains Police Headquarters as a defendant. In the federal suit, he asked for $3 million in compensation for the police headquarters’ alleged violations of his civil rights. The man hopes that his lawsuit could assist others who have suffered from police brutality as well.