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Police violence against women of color

On Behalf of | Friday Sep 8, 2017 | Police Misconduct

Two words that no person of color wants to think about are “police brutality.” However, the reality of misconduct, racial profiling and the overuse of force by law enforcement officers is something that every minority has to remember. According to a recent book, “Invisible No More: Police Violence Against Black Women and Women of Color,” female minorities are particularly at risk of being the victims of police violence, but their stories are often hidden from public view.

According to the police misconduct lawyer who wrote the book, women of color are the frequent — yet invisible — victims of police violence. These women include females who identify with the following labels: indigenous, black, lesbian, trans, cisgender, Middle Eastern, Asian, Latin, gender nonconformist, sex worker, mothers, mentally ill, girls in schools and disabled.

The book’s author said that national statistics reveal that black men die at the highest rates due to police violence; however, she argues that the statistics don’t tell us the real story. She says that “the number counts are in kinds of police interaction, traffic stops, street stops, and police killing, but there are no numbers counting police rape or police sexual harassment or unlawful strip searches. These are also acts of police violence.” The book argues that police violence against women continues to get worse and it’s time to bring more light and awareness to the problem.

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