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People who are incarcerated still have rights

On Behalf of | Tuesday Nov 28, 2017 | Prisoner's Rights

Being incarcerated isn’t something that is meant to be a good time. While your loved one’s freedoms are taken away, his or her right to be treated as a human and to have his or her basic rights respected remain. Unfortunately, some correctional officers tend to forget that this is the case.

Some correctional officers are desensitized to the struggles of the inmates. This is understandable because of the nature of the job but it also poses a risk to the inmates. In the desensitization, there is a chance that the officers will start to see the incarcerated individuals as less than the humans they are.

One of the issues that can contribute to the abuse and mistreatment of prisoners is a thirst for power that plagues the correctional officers. These men and women are placed in a supervisory position over the inmates. These officers might choose to use too much force or make unnecessary demands during the course of duty.

Correctional officers might deny inmates basic care needs. This includes not letting the inmates have access to hygiene and medical care needs. These are often used as methods to get the inmate into a position of submission or in a retaliatory manner.

We are here to help you stand up for your loved one. The United States Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. While there aren’t definitive examples of this listed, people should use common sense here. It could be construed as cruel and unusual if the inmate isn’t allowed to visit a medical care professional for a sinus infection. The same is true if a person is locked in solitary confinement without good reason.

Seeking civil compensation is one way that inmates can fight back against the mistreatment. We can help you to present your case against these atrocities so your case can move forward.