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What are the most serious construction accident dangers?

On Behalf of | Tuesday Dec 19, 2017 | Personal Injury

If you’ve spent your career working around construction sites, you’re probably aware of the numerous dangers New York hardhats encounter on the job. However, you might not be aware of all of them. By reviewing some of the most common scenarios that cause construction accidents on a regular basis, workers will be more alert to avoid them.

With accident prevention in mind, let’s take a look at what you should be aware of as a New York construction worker:

Hypothermia: In cold weather conditions workers need regular breaks from extreme conditions to prevent frostbite and other cold-related injuries.

Respiratory ailments: Workers must use caution to work safely when asbestos, dust and fumes are present on the job to avoid potentially fatal respiratory injuries and illnesses.

Backover and crushing incidents: A heavy truck, forklift, tractor or bulldozer poses a serious threat to the health and safety of pedestrian workers near the device.

Fires and explosions: Explosions and fires happen due to electrical wiring errors, chemical problems, gas leaks and other reasons. Be careful whenever you’re working with potentially flammable substances.

Falls: Whether you fall down a single step, trip off a curb or fall 20 stories, trips and falls can be deadly and catastrophic.

Falling objects: A small item like a power drill battery could kill someone if it falls from multiple stories. Large falling objects also pose significant dangers to workers, so always wear a hardhat on the job.

Heavy machinery accidents: Machinery can malfunction and seriously hurt workers. It can also cause injury due to careless operation.

There are a lot more ways that construction workers can get hurt at a New York City job site, but the above scenarios are some of the most common. If you or your loved one suffered any kind of injury at a construction site, you might want to investigate your right to seek financial compensation for your injuries.

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