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How do I know I’ve been falsely imprisoned?

On Behalf of | Friday Jun 22, 2018 | Civil Rights

False imprisonment is a topic that includes more than just the police. A civilian can falsely imprison another civilian. False imprisonment occurs when one person is held against his or her will by someone else who does not have the legal authority to keep that person from moving freely. False imprisonment means that the person is being held against his or her will in New York, New York.

Some examples of false imprisonment include the following:

  • You were held in a room of a house, school, or office without your consent
  • The owner of a store or a security guard detains you based on your appearance for an unreasonable amount of time
  • A patient living in a nursing home who is medicated without his or her consent by the staff
  • You were grabbed by someone else and held onto so that you would not be able to leave
  • You were held by your employer for an unreasonable amount of time for suspicion of theft that led to questioning

You cannot make a claim of false imprisonment because you were found innocent of a crime that you were initially named a suspect for in New York. This means that you cannot sue for false imprisonment because you spent time in jail while an investigation was launched into a crime.

Now that you know what to look for when it comes to false imprisonment you will be able to determine if this has ever happened to you. You will also know moving forward if someone holds you against your will so you can prevent it as much as possible in New York.

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