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Officer will not face charges for excessive force

On Behalf of | Friday Jul 13, 2018 | Criminal Defense

In another case of a police officer using excessive force against an unarmed black man, video evidence shows an officer using a taser against a man sitting on the ground. The video, which is available on Facebook, has amassed millions of views. In an upsetting turn of events, the New York Times recently reported that the officer in question will not face any disciplinary action.

The incident in question took place on June 28th. The video shows the officer asking Sean D. Williams to sit on the ground, and he complies. When Williams begins to pull his legs back a bit, the officer tases the man. Other cops arrive at the scene to place Williams in handcuffs. A rally held the next day saw hundreds of people marching in protest.

The officer who tased the man was not available to the New York Times for comment. A background check later revealed Williams had a criminal background, and the station later released him on $5,000 bail. Despite the record, Williams’ lawyer stated in an interview how deeply unsettling it was that the officer could continue to patrol the streets without so much as an investigation into the incident.

Williams plans to sue the officer as well as the city of Lancaster. The lawsuit stands on the grounds the officer violated Williams’ civil rights and exercised excessive force when it was completely unnecessary. A city official stated the area’s laws on the use of excessive force were already in the process of revision before the incident took place. There were also promises of officers needing to wear body cameras.

Steps to take if police commit excessive force

It is critical for all Americans to remain aware of their rights. Individuals who believe they have suffered injustice at the hands of a police officer should not hesitate to contact an attorney to review legal options.