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How do I prove police misconduct?

On Behalf of | Thursday Aug 16, 2018 | Police Misconduct

Police misconduct is nothing new in New York. There have been stories in the news for decades about issues with police officers related to brutality, corruption and other issues. Victims of this misconduct often don’t know how they can fight back without fear of further retaliation. If you believe you are the victim of police misconduct, you should read through this post to find out how you can prove it happened.

You need to document the incident in question as soon as possible. Write down or record your statement so you do not forget a single thing. Documenting what happened soon after the incident occurred will help you rehash the events clearly and without interference from anyone else.

If the misconduct involved violence, make sure you take pictures of any injuries you suffered. Injuries can include bruises, cuts, swollen eyes, a broken nose, fat lips or any other visible injury.

Try to get the names and contact information from anyone who might have witnessed the misconduct. You will need to provide this information to your attorney.

Hold onto any evidence from the incident, especially if violence was involved. For example, if you have blood-stained clothing, do not clean it. Instead, store it in a plastic bag.

Seek a medical evaluation of your injuries. Have the doctor take note of every single injury on your body with pictures, X-rays, an MRI and any other tool necessary.

The discussion of police brutality and other misconduct is stressful. Once you have enough evidence in your corner, you can speak with your attorney to find out the next steps. Make sure you can identify the officer(s) in question so the case can proceed.