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New York woman has cops called for waiting for an Uber

On Behalf of | Thursday Aug 9, 2018 | Personal Injury

Numerous headlines have popped up in recent months where individuals call law enforcement on black and Hispanic individuals waiting at Starbucks or having a barbecue. This has led to pressure from people all over the country to “decriminalize blackness” and allow people to occupy spaces they have a right to.

One instance of such an event occurred in Brooklyn where a woman called the police on a Hispanic woman who waited outside of a building for her Uber to arrive. This is a violation of people’s civil rights, and although these types of events do not originate with the police, they are systemic of a larger problem in American culture.

The event in question

On July 22nd, 2018, a musician who identifies as white Hispanic waited in the rain for an Uber to arrive. She originally walked to the train station but got caught in the storm and decided it would be better to simply get a ride elsewhere. She ducked under an awning and waited for the car to arrive.

At that time, a young woman approached her and told her she could not wait at that particular spot even though she was on the sidewalk. Next, the young woman contacted the police, and it was at this point the musician began recording the interaction. The video shows the young woman telling the police there is someone on her private property who would not leave. The New York Police Department confirmed receipt of the phone call and marked it as a noncrime committed.

An epidemic occurring around the country

It is vital to understand these events are not new. They likely have occurred for many years now, but with the advent of smartphones and people being able to record everything, they can finally come to the general public’s attention. Everyone deserves to live in peace without the threat of violence from law enforcement.