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Tell your defense attorney everything for the best protection

On Behalf of | Friday Feb 1, 2019 | Criminal Defense

Criminal defense is important to any person who has been arrested and for those who could potentially be arrested. For example, those who are potentially involved in fraud could see colleagues or employers arrested before they’re implicated themselves. From the moment that any investigation begins, having an attorney on your side is important.

Some people feel uncomfortable talking to their defense attorneys about what really happened in a situation. Why? They don’t want to be judged or be turned in. The good news is that your attorney hears what you have to say in confidence. You don’t have to worry about them telling others about what you’ve done in the past. There are few cases where an attorney would say anything negative about a client, except for cases where someone is in imminent danger. For example, if you threaten to hurt a juror, the attorney may have to report that by law. This is the one exception to confidentiality.

The best thing to know about criminal defense is that the likelihood is that everything you say to your attorney will be confidential. Additionally, it’s very probable that your attorney has heard far worse than what you’re going to admit to them. Your attorney’s job is to protect you and to help devise a defense that will lower the penalties against you or have them dismissed completely.

Being completely truthful is essential in any criminal defense case. By being truthful with your attorney and telling them all the facts of your case, you’re providing them with the information they need to develop a strong defense for you.