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Woman claims police targetted her, falsely imprisoned her

On Behalf of | Friday Apr 12, 2019 | False Arrest Or False Imprisonment

A woman is claiming that she was a victim of false arrest, false mental health arrest, false imprisonment, fraudulent charges and more after she was arrested during a confrontation between herself and the instructors at the local Citizens Police Academy in Albany.

One officer, in body-cam footage, made a lewd motion to another officer as the woman was sitting on a bench. She can be heard saying that the officer is attempting to antagonize her. The 25-year-old woman later discovered the officers mocking her and one asking if the other had gotten her phone number.

The woman claims today that she was slandered and perjured by city police as well as sexually harassed by one officer in Albany. She claimed that any irrational behavior she displayed was a result of sexual assault and being drugged. She had been charged for that incident with kicking an officer and jumping on a patrol vehicle. Those charges were dropped to misdemeanor assault.

She believes that she is a target of the police because of filing a notice of claim against the State Police. It was only two weeks after that news that she was arrested by city police.

There is always the risk that people could be mistreated by the police. If they are, they reserve the right to file a claim and should not be retaliated against for doing so. If you wish to file a claim against the police or others as a result of wrongful imprisonment or a false arrest, your attorney can help you do so and build a strong case.