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Yes, you have a right to challenge a verdict

On Behalf of | Thursday Apr 25, 2019 | Civil Rights

There are times when a conviction may not be fair or justified. Whether it’s due to a biased jury or a miscarriage of justice based on a lack of evidence, it’s very important that those who are facing a wrongful conviction or unjust conviction get the help they need to reverse it.

If you believe that the guilty verdict was made in error, then you can seek a reversal of the conviction. Normally, you can do this through an appeal. Sometimes, you can do it through a writ.

What is the likelihood of having a conviction overturned?

It depends on the circumstances of your case, but in most situations, the court will only end up overturning a verdict if it can be shown that the trial court erred in some way that impacted the outcome. An example of this would be if the prosecution uses a coerced confession, which then provokes the jury to rule against you. If the appellate court believes that the sentence was issued unfairly, then it can send the case back for re-sentencing or back to trial.

Is it possible for two juries to come up with different outcomes based on the same facts?

Yes, because there is no guarantee about the jury’s own inherent biases. While your attorney will make sure that no one on the jury is specifically biased against you, everyone has their own opinions that can impact how they feel about the case.

You have the right to challenge the verdict if there were mistakes made, like giving inaccurate facts to the jury. Your attorney can help you file the appeal.