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Woman sues Syracuse Police Department over rape case

On Behalf of | Friday Jul 19, 2019 | Police Misconduct

If you have to call the police, you hope that they’ll come to help you. You want them to take your situation seriously and to give you the support that you deserve under the law. You deserve protection and help, not to be put in a more dangerous situation.

Unfortunately, not every police officer follows the rule of law. Take for example this horrific case in which a woman has claimed that a police officer brutally raped her in her home, only to be told that her claims don’t meet the legal threshold for rape by a police officer.

Her story is simple. She called 911 to report her missing teen daughter. She was home alone and with her newborn child. She’d had a difficult birth and was under medical supervision.

She claims that the officer acted oddly from the time he arrived. Then, he allegedly forced her to perform oral sex and raped her vaginally. Interestingly, he did eventually admit that the majority of the things she claimed happened, but he stated that they were consensual.

This officer took a plea deal and lost his job. He also was placed on three years of probation after it was found that misconduct had taken place. The woman involved is now suing the police department.

She and her attorney claim that the Syracuse Police Department knew about the officer’s behavior and that he had been involved in similar behaviors in the past, yet they did not take steps to remove him from his position.

This isn’t the first time this kind of situation has happened, and it may not be the last. Make sure that you speak out if you’re hurt or sexually abused by an officer; They should always be held liable for their actions.