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How does racial profiling affect Americans?

On Behalf of | Wednesday Jan 29, 2020 | Criminal Defense

Racial profiling is a serious problem in America. Every state is a little different, but it can be agreed that there are underlying racial issues that have to be considered any time someone is arrested or accused of a crime.

Racial profiling is a troubling issue because it targets people of specific races. It humiliates these individuals and results in detentions, searches without evidence, interrogations and more. There is no way to know if someone is going to participate in a crime based on their race, yet racial profiling is still an issue.

One of the biggest problems with racial profiling is that it alienates people from the authorities. For example, an African American person may not feel comfortable calling the police for help if they’re being attacked because they may fear that they’ll be accused of being the attacker.

Racial profiling also hinders policing efforts and results in law enforcement losing any trust or credibility it had. These people are there to protect and serve, but they are unable to do so correctly if racial profiling is prominent in a region.

Racial profiling affects many communities of color

Racial profiling doesn’t only affect African American people. It can affect many communities of color. Whether it’s Latino communities, Asian communities or others, it’s important that racial profiling is not allowed by authorities. They need to be there to protect all people, not just Caucasian individuals.

If you are arrested due to racial profiling, you can reach out to your attorney. It’s a serious offense to accuse anyone of a crime only due to their race.