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Were your rights violated? Don’t let it happen again, fight back

On Behalf of | Thursday Mar 26, 2020 | Civil Rights

There are many civil rights that people have including:

  • The right to vote
  • The right to a public education
  • The right to have an attorney represent you
  • The right to use governmental services
  • The right to an unbiased and fair trial
  • And many others

Of all the civil rights, the most common civil rights cases arise from situations that include:

  • Housing discrimination
  • Government discrimination
  • Employment discrimination

Of these, one that you may be most concerned about is discrimination through the government, or, put more casually, being discriminated against by the police.

False arrests, false imprisonments and excessive force have been used to intimidate minorities and have violated their rights in the past. Of course, any American could face discrimination, but minorities tend to face it more than others.

If your rights are violated, it’s not only you who suffers. Entire communities could be concerned about their treatment and how they’ll fight back when they’re treated unfairly. Everyone is at risk if you are discriminated against because it means that all citizens could be discriminated against or discriminate others while going unchecked.

Racial profiling, in particular, is an ongoing challenge in the United States. Minority groups don’t deserve this treatment, yet they face it often. The police should never target you just for people a person of color. You shouldn’t be targeted because of your gender or because of your gender preferences.

Discrimination happens in many forms, and it can be a true violation of your civil rights. If you were victimized, you may be able to fight back with help and guidance from your attorney. Our site has more on this important topic.