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What should you know about police misconduct?

On Behalf of | Wednesday May 27, 2020 | Police Misconduct

If there is anything that scares you, it’s the idea of the authorities going beyond their job description and harming others. You want to know that you can rely on the police and believe that many of the officers you see are good people.

Unfortunately, with more and more cases of police brutality and misconduct coming out in the news, it’s hard to keep the faith that an officer you come into contact with will be respectful to you and won’t overstep their boundaries.

There are many different examples of police misconduct such as:

  • False arrest
  • Reckless driving
  • Using excessive force
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Tampering with witnesses
  • Unjust imprisonment
  • Abuse of authority

These are just a few ways that an officer could participate in misconduct.

What can you do if you’ve been a victim of misconduct?

If you were a victim of misconduct, then you may be able to seek damages of three types: compensatory, exemplary and aggravated.

Before you can do that, you will need to file a Notice of Claim with the Controller’s Office within 90 days of the incident. If you miss this window, you may be unable to file a lawsuit against the police department in question.

Filing a lawsuit against the authorities is not the same as filing one against the average person. There are specific steps to follow, and you’ll want to make sure you move quickly and keep the case active. If you’re not sure if your situation involved misconduct, you may want to speak with your attorney to learn more about the law.