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Man files civil rights lawsuit after alleged police misconduct

On Behalf of | Monday Aug 17, 2020 | Police Misconduct

In New York and across the nation, people are increasingly emboldened to protest when they are victimized by illegal behaviors on the part of law enforcement. Even with the prevalence of cellphone cameras and other methods to record when there are civil rights violations due to police misconduct, it still happens on a regular basis. Fortunately for victims, there are alternatives to seek compensation for the mistreatment. One recent case serves as an example as to what can happen if police cross the line into illegal behavior when on a call.

NYPD officers allegedly beat and arrest man after noise complaint

In the lawsuit, the 38-year-old man says that he was physically assaulted following a noise complaint. According to the filing, law enforcement went to the man’s home where he was with his girlfriend, his toddler son and other family members. They shined a light inside. When he went to see what the police wanted, he claims they aggressively confronted him saying there was a noise complaint. He denied there was any noise from his residence.

He states that the officers became verbally aggressive. When he tried to go inside, they grabbed him and took him down, physically assaulting him at the same time. He says chunks of his dreadlocks were pulled from his head and officers used a Taser to subdue him. He was handcuffed. When they brought him to the hospital to address the Taser darts, they left the handcuffs on. He was charged with felonies and then bailed out. The charges were dropped several weeks later.

Seeking justice after police wrongdoing

Although most law enforcement officers do their jobs professionally and treat people as they should according to the law, there are still problems with police overreach and outright abuse. Those who are victimized could have their freedoms taken away, find themselves confronted with charges for crimes they did not commit, be assaulted or even lose their lives. When this happens, it is imperative for alleged victims to understand that they have recourse to hold the NYPD and the city accountable. Taking the necessary steps to file a civil rights claim is vital for a successful case. Consulting with legal professionals experienced with investigating these cases, gathering evidence and filing a claim is the first step.