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Police misconduct could be more common than believed

On Behalf of | Monday Jan 17, 2022 | Police Misconduct

Anyone who runs into trouble with the law likely wishes to receive fair treatment from the police. While most New York law enforcement officers follow the rules, some do not. Such instances could be far more than unprofessional behavior, as the officers may outright violate a suspect’s rights. Some scenarios involve abuse, manufacturing evidence, and other illegal actions.

Worries about police misconduct

Isolated incidents of police misconduct are nothing to ignore, as any examples of law enforcement wrongdoing reflect a blight on the state. Continuing instances of police misconduct might lead to questions about whether supervisors or politicians genuinely care about reigning in “rogue cops.” A 2019 report points out that rampant corruption is more common than the public believes, raising questions about why more investigations aren’t occurring.

The journal Nature Human Behavior pointed out severe consequences if leaders do not address police misconduct. Namely, retaining problematic officers could “normalize” and sanction the behavior, potentially resulting in more incidents of misconduct.

Approving bad behavior or failing to address it might lead to more instances. In time, police departments could face criminal investigations for these actions. Civil suits may happen as well.

Legal ramifications of police misconduct

Proof of police misconduct could come out in court. Misconduct may involve more than failing to procure a proper warrant before an arrest or merely lacking probable cause. An officer could plant evidence or force a confession out of a suspect. Such illegal actions may send any officers involved to prison for their behaviors.

Victims of police misconduct may file a lawsuit for false arrest or other civil rights violations. Any judgment from a civil suit could lead to changes in how a particular department operates.