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Police killings in New York and why people don’t report them

On Behalf of | Thursday Oct 13, 2022 | Police Misconduct

Police brutality is a problem that has been around for many years. However, it seems to be evolving as time goes on. There have been several high-profile police killings in the past few years, but many more that have not been reported.

How do police killings occur?

There are a variety of ways police killings can occur, and one of the most common is through the use of excessive force. This can happen when police officers are trying to subdue a suspect, and they end up using more force than necessary. In some cases, police officers may also shoot and kill suspects who are unarmed or pose no threat to them.

Police brutality and killings can also occur simply because an officer is having a bad day. There have been several instances where an officer has shot and killed a suspect simply because they were angry or upset.

Why do many police killings go unreported?

First, police departments often try to cover up these incidents to avoid bad publicity. They may do this by not releasing information to the public, or by lying about what happened. Second, the victims’ families may be afraid to come forward or may not have the resources to do so. Sometimes, the police may also threaten or intimidate the families of victims to keep them from speaking out.

Thirdly, lack of faith and trust in the police department can lead to many police killings going unreported. If people do not believe that the police will treat them fairly, they may be less likely to report an incident of police brutality. Last, there is often a lack of witnesses to these killings. This is because many of them occur in isolated areas or in situations where there are no bystanders around.

Clearly, this is a problem that needs to be addressed, as police brutality is a serious issue that is only getting worse. If your loved one or simply someone you know has been the victim of police brutality, it is important to speak out and get help. There are many organizations that can assist you, and it is important to stand up for your rights.