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Subtle ways, besides police brutality, racism kills in New York

On Behalf of | Friday Jan 6, 2023 | Police Misconduct

In 2020, the killing of George Floyd raised awareness of police brutality against people of different races. The uproar from citizens across America and the rest of the world forced the government to address the issue much faster and in a more sensible way. However, while police brutality is one form of racism against minorities, there are many other, less conspicuous ways racism kills people as well in New York.

Other ways racism manifests

It’s a disheartening fact that individuals within minority groups disproportionately suffer higher mortality rates in comparison to the general population regardless of economic stability or access to healthcare. This is due to systemic racism in our healthcare system, which perpetuates unequal treatment in terms of diagnosis, management and outcomes due to implicit bias among healthcare providers. Additionally, many poverty-stricken minority communities lack access to quality medical care due to inadequate health insurance or lack of transportation options.

Furthermore, racial disparities exist in education, where students from minority backgrounds often receive less funding than their white peers. This limits their opportunities for college and career advancement, leading to further economic disparity.

Lastly, negative stereotypes about minority groups can have an impact on their overall well-being due to self-fulfilling prophecies and the perpetuation of stigma related to these communities. This, in turn, can further limit opportunities for personal growth and development while creating feelings of alienation or worthlessness among members of these groups. It also encourages police misconduct since law enforcement officers are more likely to view minority individuals as criminals.

Clearly, racism is still alive and well in our society, manifesting itself in a variety of ways that can have long-term impacts on the lives of minorities. It is, therefore, crucial that you understand your rights and the steps to take when you experience racism in any realm. In New York, you can file a lawsuit or formal complaint with the Office of Civil Rights. Additionally, you can report any incidents to the New York State Attorney General or local police and district attorney offices.